Trailblazing the Future of Pick to Light Technology.

Providing Low Power Consumption, Environmentally Friendly Picking

Systems Accelerates the Process of Smart Industrial Development

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Sertag Provides PICK TO LIGHT Solutions For Smart Factories to Maximize Production Efficiency.

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Sertag is Committed to the Innovation of PICK TO LIGHT Products,Promoting the Sustainable Development of Intelligent Factory.

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Trailblazing the Future of Pick to Light Technology

Sertag Provides PICK TO LIGHT Solutions For Smart Factories to Maximize Production Efficiency.

Pick to Light - SETP_Label_V3

 Introducing the SETP_Label_v3, an advanced Pick to Light solution designed to elevate sorting processes and enhance work efficiency with unparalleled accuracy. Empowering users to sort efficiently, the SETP_Label_v3 supports text, images, barcodes, and QR codes, ensuring seamless identification and organization. Elevate your workflow with multi-color LED highlight lights, adding visual cues for faster and accurate sorting.

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Wave Picking - SETP_Label_V13

  Introducing the SETP_Label_v13, a versatile label solution engineered for optimal efficiency in Wave Picking applications. Featuring a 2.13-inch electronic paper display with ultra-low power consumption. Seamlessly integrated into Wave Picking solutions, this label can be partitioned to provide timely reminders, reducing the need for manual searches and significantly improving differentiation efficiency.

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Warehouse Operation - SETP_Label_V23

Introducing the SETP_Label_v23, the pinnacle of efficiency in warehousing operations. Featuring an e-paper display that delivers rapid responsiveness without any screen flicker, it sets a new standard in operational convenience. Designed specifically for electronic operations within warehouses, this label excels in enhancing management efficiency.

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 Smart Factory - SETP_Label_V24

Presenting the SETP_Label_v24, a 4.2 inch e-paper display powerhouse label equipped to meet the demands of smart warehousing, smart factories, and pick-to-wall applications. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery with a convenient Type-C interface, the SETP_Label_v24 ensures seamless, long-term use with ultra-low power consumption and extended standby capabilities. It is your go-to solution for maximizing efficiency and streamlining processes

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Accelerate the development process of smart industry

Every small choice has the power to impact Earth's delicate ecosystems.

Welcome to Sertag, where innovation meets efficiency.

Join us as we redefine efficiency and sustainability in warehouse and factory management.

As a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial solutions, Sertag specializes in revolutionary Pick to Light systems.

Our commitment to technological advancement and sustainability drives us to create custom solutions for different industries, providing customizable, environmentally friendly picking systems. With a dedicated R&D team, we are shaping the future of smart industrial operations. Join us as we redefine efficiency and sustainability in warehouse and factory management.


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About us

Pick to Light Solution ​

Pick to Light

Our Pick to Light system redefines precision in picking processes across industries. Featuring intuitive shelf labels with lights and buttons, this solution ensures swift, error-free picking, optimizing workflow efficiency.

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 Intelligent Warehouse Tags

Transform your warehouse management with our Intelligent Warehouse Tags. These smart tags enable seamless tracking, providing real-time data for inventory control and logistical operations.

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Electronic Parts Feeding

 Enhance assembly line efficiency with our Electronic Parts Feeding solution. Ensuring a smooth and continuous supply of parts, it optimizes manufacturing processes, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

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E-Kanban Pick to Light

Our Industry Kanban system offers visual management solutions for lean production. Streamline workflows, maintain optimal inventory levels, and boost operational efficiency with this visual scheduling method.

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Pick to Wall

Simplify order fulfillment with our Pick to Wall system. By displaying picking instructions on designated walls, this solution streamlines the picking process, ensuring accuracy and speeding up fulfillment.

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Wave Picking

Experience enhanced efficiency in warehouse operations with our Wave Picking system. Optimizing batch picking processes, it orchestrates sequential picking waves for increased productivity and order accuracy.

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