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Product Certificates
  • CE
    The laboratory tested the product provided by the applicant according to the above test methods.According to the test results, the product conforms to RED Directive (2014,53,EU) issued by the EuropeanCommission. It is possible to use CE marking to demonstrate the compliance with this Directive.The scope of evaluation relates to the submitted documents only. Model No.:SETRV3-0154-30, SETRV3-0154-31, SETRV3-0154-32,SETRV3-0154-33, SETRV3-0154-34, SETRV3-0154-35,SETRV3-0213-36, SETRV3-0213-37, SETRV3-0213-38,SETRV3-0213-39, SETRV3-0266-3A, SETRV3-0266-3B,SETRV3-0266-3C, SETRV3-0266-3D, SETRV3-0290-3D,SETRV3-0290-3E, SETRV3-0290-3F, SETRV3-0290-54,SETRV3-0350-55, SETRV3-0350-56, SETRV3-0350-57,SETRV3-0420-40, SETRV3-0420-41, SETRV3-0420-42,SETRV3-0420-43, SETRV3-0430-4C, SETRV3-0430-4D,SETRV3-0430-4E, SETRV3-0580-4F, SETRV3-0580-50,SETRV3-0580-51, SETRV3-0700-52S, SETRV3-0700-52D,SETRV3-0700C-S, SETRV3-0773-53S, SETRV3-0773-53D,SETRV3-0750-44, SETRV3-0750-45, SETRV3-0750-46,SETRV3-0750-47S, SETRV3-0750-47D, SETRV3-0750-48S,SETRV3-0750-48D, SETR0750R-M, SETRV3-1010C-S,SETRV3-1010C-D, SETRV3-1160-49, SETRV3-1160-4A,SETRV3-1160-4B, SETRV3-1250-58, SETRV3-1250-59,SETRV3-1250-5A, SETRV3-2300COct.28, 2022Issue Date Hoffer LauShenzhen United Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
    Jan 24,2024
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