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868MHz Pick to Light System

The Pick to Light System is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing order picking processes in warehouses. This advanced system enhances efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity in the logistics and fulfillment industry. At its core, the Pick to Light System utilizes a network of light displays strategically placed at item locations throughout the warehouse. These displays act as visual indicators, guiding operators in real-time during the order picking process. The system is designed to streamline and optimize the workflow, offering a solution to the challenges posed by traditional picking methods.

CAN Technology Pick to Light System

By interaster the function of E-tag dynamic library, the customer IT system can control various bus components, including single lamp tag, three lamp tag, bar code acquisition, task display screen, integrated controller, roadway lamp audible and visual alarm lamp application, so as to support the storage operation with high quality and efficiency.

Test Kits

Pick to Light Tags Test Kits provide a comprehensive solution for testing and implementing Pick to Light Systems in warehouses. These kits typically include a set of pick to light tags, a base station, and any necessary software or accessories to facilitate easy testing and integration.

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