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What is Pick to Light

What is Pick to Light

Update Time:2024/1/25
Pick to Light (PTL) is a paperless picking process. It is an innovative technology designed to streamline order picking tasks within warehouses and distribution centers. Usually Pick-to-Light has a light indicator and a confirmation button. And it utilizes light displays, typically mounted on shelves or storage bins, to guide warehouse workers through the picking process. It streamlines the picking process, minimizes errors, and enhances overall warehouse efficiency.

Here's a basic overview of how Pick to Light works:

● Item Location Identification:
Each storage location (bin, shelf, or container) in the warehouse is equipped with a light module.

● Order Information Display:
When an order is received, the Pick to Light system is activated.
The system identifies the items and the quantity required for the order.

● Light Guidance:
Lights associated with the required items illuminate to guide the operator to the correct locations.
The illuminated lights serve as visual cues, directing the operator to pick the specified quantity from each location.

● Confirmation:
After picking the items, the operator typically confirms the completion of the pick by pressing a button or triggering a sensor.

● Order Fulfillment:
The picked items are then moved to a packing or shipping area for further processing.
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