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What's the difference Between SETP_Router_V1.2 and SETP_Router_V1.4 Base Stations

What's the difference Between SETP_Router_V1.2 and SETP_Router_V1.4 Base Stations

Update Time:2024/1/25
Internal Deployment of Electronic Label Service Software:
The key distinction lies in the internal deployment of electronic label service software within the SETP_Router_V1.4 base station. With this enhancement, customers can conveniently use the base station without the need for additional installation of electronic label service software. This streamlined approach ensures a simpler and faster system setup for users.

Integrated Components in SETP_Router_V1.4:
The SETP_Router_V1.4 base station encompasses both the electronic label software and the V1.2 base station. This integration provides users with a comprehensive solution, eliminating the necessity for separate installations.

Dependency of SETP_Router_V1.2 on Electronic Label Service Software:
In contrast, the SETP_Router_V1.2 base station cannot function independently. It requires the complementary use of electronic label service software to control and manage electronic labels effectively.

These distinctions showcase the evolution in functionality, particularly with the V1.4 base station's embedded electronic label service software, allowing customers a more straightforward and rapid initiation of the system without the need for additional software installations.
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