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What is a Pick to Wall Warehousing?

What is a Pick to Wall Warehousing?

Jan 23,2024
Put to Wall warehousing refers to a type of warehouse design and management system where products are directed to specific locations, for efficient order fulfillment. In a Put to Wall system, orders are divided into individual items, and these items are then directed to designated bins or slots on a Put to Wall.

Warehouse operators or pickers are assigned to specific Put to Wall, where they pick items from incoming inventory and place them in the corresponding slots on the Put to Wall. This method is often used in e-commerce fulfillment centers and other environments where there is a high volume of small orders with diverse products.

Put to Wall warehousing systems are designed to improve order picking efficiency, reduce picking errors, and optimize the use of space within the warehouse. The goal is to streamline the order fulfillment process by organizing items in a way that minimizes travel time for warehouse staff and ensures accurate and timely order processing.
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How do the Pick to Light Tags used in Put to Wall?
Pick-to-Light (PTL) tags play a crucial role in the efficiency of Put to Wall warehousing systems. These tags are used to guide warehouse operators in the picking and sorting process. Here's how Pick-to-Light tags are typically used in Put to Wall warehousing:

Order Assignment: When an order is received, it is divided into individual items or SKUs. Each SKU is assigned to a specific location on the Put to Wall.

Light Indicators: Pick-to-Light tags are installed at each designated location on the Put to Wall. These tags typically consist of a visual indicator (such as an LED light) and a numeric or alphanumeric display.

Item Identification: The Pick-to-Light system communicates with the warehouse management system (WMS) to identify the items that need to be picked and placed on the Put to Wall.

Operator Guidance: When a warehouse operator approaches the Put to Wall, the Pick-to-Light tags illuminate or display information at the specific locations where items need to be placed. This guides the operator to the correct bin or slot.

Picking Confirmation: The operator picks the item from the incoming inventory and places it in the designated location on the Put to Wall. Once the item is placed, the operator confirms the pick by interacting with the Pick-to-Light tag, such as pressing a button or triggering a sensor.

Dynamic Updates: As items are picked and put on the Put to Wall, the system dynamically updates to reflect the current status of the order. The remaining items and their locations are continuously adjusted based on the progress of order fulfillment.

Efficiency and Accuracy: The Pick-to-Light system helps improve both the efficiency and accuracy of the picking process. It minimizes the chances of errors by providing clear visual guidance to operators and ensures that items are placed in the correct locations.

Overall, Pick-to-Light tags contribute to the optimization of Put to Wall warehousing by facilitating a systematic and organized approach to order fulfillment, particularly in environments with a high volume of small, diverse orders.
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