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Optimizing Order Fulfillment for an Online Marketplace with Pick to Wall

Optimizing Order Fulfillment for an Online Marketplace with Pick to Wall

Jan 25,2024
Our client, a prominent online marketplace, faced challenges in their offline logistics and warehousing operations due to the surge in online shopping. The complexity of order types and the increasing volume of shipments led to inefficiencies and errors in the sorting and picking processes.
▶ Complex Order Fulfillment: The client dealt with a diverse range of products and order types, resulting in a complex order fulfillment process.

▶Low Efficiency: The traditional picking methods led to low efficiency, increased order processing times, and a higher likelihood of errors.

▶Need for Accuracy: With a growing customer base, the client sought a solution that could accurately pick and pack orders, minimizing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Our solution involved the integration of Pick to Light and Pick to Wall systems in the client's offline warehouse. This combination aimed to streamline the order fulfillment process, increase accuracy, and reduce the dependency on manual labor.
Implementation Process
① Pick to Light Installation
Light displays were strategically placed at each storage location in the warehouse.
The Pick to Light system was configured to illuminate lights corresponding to specific items in each order.

② Pick to Wall Integration
Pick to Wall functionality was integrated into the overall warehouse management system.
Operators were equipped with handheld devices connected to the Pick to Wall system, enabling them to follow efficient picking routes.

③ Order Sorting and Picking
When an order was received, the Pick to Light system illuminated lights for each item in the order.
Operators used Pick to Wall guidance to follow optimized routes, picking items accurately and placing them in designated bins.

④ Error Elimination
The combined use of Pick to Light and Pick to Wall virtually eliminated picking errors, ensuring that each order was fulfilled accurately.

⑤ Efficiency Gains
The new system significantly increased the efficiency of the order fulfillment process, reducing picking times and improving overall warehouse productivity.
● Accuracy Improvement: The Pick to Light and Pick to Wall integration led to a remarkable improvement in order accuracy, minimizing errors to near-zero levels.

● Efficiency Boost: The streamlined process resulted in a substantial increase in order picking efficiency, enabling the warehouse to handle a higher volume of orders with the same or fewer resources.

● Customer Satisfaction: The enhanced accuracy and faster order fulfillment contributed to improved customer satisfaction, positively impacting the online marketplace's reputation.

The successful implementation of Pick to Light and Pick to Wall systems transformed our client's offline logistics and warehousing operations. The integrated solution not only addressed their specific challenges but also positioned them for continued growth in the dynamic landscape of online retail.
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