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Applications of Screenless Put to Light Systems---SETP_Label_V1&V11

Applications of Screenless Put to Light Systems---SETP_Label_V1&V11

Mar 7,2024
Put to Light systems are revolutionizing order picking processes in various industries, offering efficiency and accuracy enhancements. While many Put to Light systems feature screens for displaying order information, there is a subset of products that operate without screens, relying solely on buttons and lights for communication, for example SETP_Label_V1 and V11. These screenless Put to Light systems have specific advantages and are well-suited for certain application scenarios.
High-Speed Order Fulfillment Centers
In high-speed order fulfillment centers where efficiency is paramount, screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 excel. The absence of screens streamlines the picking process, allowing workers to focus solely on identifying and picking items based on illuminated indicators. This simplicity accelerates picking speeds and reduces processing times, enabling warehouses to meet tight deadlines and high throughput demands.
Environments with Limited Space or Power Constraints
Screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 are ideal for environments where space is limited or where power constraints prevent the use of screen-equipped systems. By eliminating the need for display screens, these systems have a smaller footprint and consume less power, making them suitable for compact workstations or mobile picking carts. Additionally, their simplified design reduces maintenance requirements, further enhancing their suitability for space-constrained environments.
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Multilingual Workforces
In facilities with multilingual workforces, screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 offer a straightforward and universal interface that transcends language barriers. With simple button interfaces and color-coded lights, workers can quickly understand picking instructions regardless of their language proficiency. This universality promotes efficiency and reduces the need for extensive training, making screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 an attractive option for diverse work environments.
High-Volume, Low-Complexity Picking Operations
For warehouses or distribution centers that primarily handle high-volume, low-complexity orders, screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 provide a cost-effective solution. These systems are particularly effective for batch picking scenarios where multiple orders are picked simultaneously. By simplifying the picking process with intuitive button controls and visual indicators, screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 enable efficient batch picking operations without the overhead of screen-equipped systems.
In conclusion, screenless Put to Light systems SETP_Label_V1 and V11 offer unique advantages and are well-suited for specific application scenarios where simplicity, space efficiency, and universality are paramount. From high-speed order fulfillment centers to multilingual workforces, these systems provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution for enhancing order picking efficiency and accuracy in diverse industrial settings.
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