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868MHz Pick to Light

868MHz Pick to Light

Sertag is Your Preferred Pick to Light Solutions Provider
Sertag is a pioneering solution provider in the realm of warehouse pick-to-light systems. With a relentless focus on enhancing efficiency and accuracy in order-picking processes, Sertag Pick to Light offers cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way warehouses operate.

Our innovative pick to light systems employ advanced sensors and intuitive displays to guide warehouse personnel through the picking process with unparalleled precision and speed. By seamlessly integrating with existing warehouse management systems, our solutions streamline operations, reduce errors, and optimize inventory management. 

At Sertag, we are committed to driving productivity and profitability for our clients across various industries. Our experienced team collaborates closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor solutions that deliver tangible results. 

Choose Sertag for state-of-the-art warehouse pick to light solutions that propel your business toward greater efficiency and success.
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FAQs About Sertag Pick to Light

Can Your Pick to Light system be used in industries other than warehousing?
While our pick to light system is primarily designed for warehouse and distribution center applications, its flexibility and scalability make it suitable for a variety of industries that require efficient order-picking and fulfillment processes.
Can I request a customized solution for my warehouse's pick to light system?
Absolutely! We offer personalized pick to light solutions tailored to the specific needs of your warehouse. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and our team will work with you to create a customized pick to light system that optimizes efficiency and productivity.
Do you offer maintenance services for your pick to light systems?
Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure optimal performance of our pick to light systems. From routine inspections to troubleshooting and repairs, our team is dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly.
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At Sertag, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Pick to Light products and efficient solutions. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering products – we are here to collaborate with you on tailor-made solutions. Reach out to us for a prompt and accurate quotation, including delivery timelines. Your challenges inspire us, and our team is ready to work closely with you to design solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives.
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